Friday, March 4, 2011

Historic Toronto

The Toronto case studies are coming up. It was harder than usual to find old photographs of Toronto's residential neighborhoods. There are plenty of photos of downtown over the past couple of centuries, however. Part of that may be explained by the city's population, which in 1890 was still just 180,000, compared to San Francisco (300,000) and Baltimore (435,000). And, granted, San Francisco and Baltimore were just two of many large cities already established in the US at the turn of the century, whereas Canada was still very much developing. Areas which today are part of downtown were then the edge of town. I hope you enjoy this small collection. More images can be seen at the following websites:

Images courtesy City of Toronto Archives

York 1803
King Street 1830's. I love the quaint, relaxed atmosphere in this drawing
1854 John Howard drawing
King Street 1856
View from Rossin hotel 1856
Glen Road Bridge in one of the first wealthy suburbs, Rosedale 1880's
Adelaide Street
Church and Adelaide
Jarvis and Carlton. Jarvis was once home to the city's wealthiest residents and lined with grand mansions
Toronto Street late 19th century
Yonge Street
Spadina and Queen 1909
Spadina 1910
View from city hall 1911
Front Street 1930