Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Future Cities

Those of you with access to CNN may be familiar with the show Quest Means Business, by over-exuberant host Richard Quest. The Future Cities series is his look into the latest large-scale developments in cities around the world. Thankfully CNN has posted the series on their website, a selection of which I have chosen here. I was especially pleased to see Curitiba included as the city is something of a legend among urban planners, used as a model by even the most well-established western countries, and its bus system has been applied throughout South America. Hafencity is something of a disappointment, and yes, the critics are right. It is sterile, a missed opportunity driven by bland corporate interests. Rather than creating an amazing addition to this maritime city, they've created a hodge-podge of boring early 21st century architecture. Herzog & de Meuron's philharmonic is perhaps the only bright spot, though construction photos are failing to match up to the computer renders. 

The focus of these videos is generally on the big picture, aimed at a large audience, but still thoroughly interesting. If anything else, it's an insight into these cities in action. Visit the link to see the rest of the videos.